The Grall

“…The day that it happened changing the world,
when the skies tore open to weep.
The lands had burst open and shook without end,
and monsters arose from the deep…”

-Excerpt from ancient text

There are terrifying things that live outside of every door and every wall of civilization. Wandering monsters of all sizes are a constant source of fear to the common citizen. Though many monsters have their own unique names like Ripper, Basilisk, and Chimera; they are all Grall.

Attracted to carnage and Chaos, they are more common in the uncivilized parts of the world. They wander the hills and mountains, the endless Black Desert, and even the ruins of ancient civilization lost to time. Each citizen believes that if they break their vows or turn their back on the law, their failure could open a door that a Grall may enter.

The Grall

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