History has shown that the Human race is littered with unrivaled courage and strength. These traits are equaled only by their stupidity and malice. The Humans lived in a perfect world for thousands of years under the watchful eye of their masters. The first born Humans wanted for nothing and proved to be capable workers, leaders, friends and companions. They were gifted magic and it was a part of nearly all their society. Magic cleaned the streets, powered their homes and created their food. It was the connective tissue of society.

History has shown that when the world changed and the land was ripped apart by storm and disaster and darker things, the Humans were tested and were victorious. They were rallied by their leaders and channeled their connections to the Watchers into a power that gave them advantage over the Grall. Humans were a perfect race.

The truth of it though is much grimmer and darker than the histories would teach. Mankind failed, and in its fear and panic turned on itself in times of need; choices that would forever shape the future.

The common After Human citizen is proud and honorable, and believes in the doctrine preached by Apothecaries and Nobles alike. Law and Order will triumph over the Chaos of the world. Humans are varied in talent and ability however and have all but abandoned the old ways where everyone was born into service, performing a critical function. Now all are free to choose what their lives will entail, they can be farmers, nobles, priests or even Heroes.

First Born Human:
Long Life, Resistant to Disease, High intelligence, Connection to Magic, Lawful.

After Human:
More Traditional Human Build, more susceptible to Chaotic change.


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